Ah! Your Veda's multi-faceted treatment approach is effective.  It is said “Ayurveda works 100% of the time in 100% of the people who follow 100% of the practices, in whom the condition has not progressed beyond the body’s ability to repair itself.”  AYV seeks to meet people in their current state of health, to formulate a treatment plan, manage patient care in a peaceful, non-threatening environment.   We provide accountability, acceptance, and quality care as we support you on each step of your journey towards wellness.

An Ayurvedic consultation includes a complete health history evaluation, dietary analysis with 

recommendations, examination of lifestyle habits and behavioral recommendations and support.  Digestive, elimination, and sleep patterns are analyzed as well as reviewing mental and emotional behaviors.  Chronic conditions are identified and treatments plans are developed to help alleviate, heal, and restore a person to their full potential.  Through regular (usually weekly) office visits, we monitor our patient’s progress and identify any challenges that may have arisen.  We provide the necessary support so our patients can become successful in making healing changes for life.




Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Center