Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Center

Purification Therapy: At home detoxification and tonification therapy, under the guidance of the Ayurvedic practitioner, but milder than a traditional Ayurvedic Pancha Karma.  Price: varies depending on length of time and service. 

Yoga Nidra: Guided full body relaxation therapy to deeply relax the mind.  In this therapy, the body falls asleep, but the mind is awake and can access all of it’s healing potential, leaving one feeling deeply rested, relaxed and restored.  This is different than meditation and involves deeper physiology of the bodies healing ability. 1 hour. 
Price: varies depending on length of time and whether group or private instruction.

Meditation/Pranayama Classes: These group classes are designed to lead people in a guided meditation with (or without) the use of Pranayama (breathing exercises). Meditation provides the opportunity for the mind to clear and become the witness to the body without thought or judgment.  30 minutes.  Price: $20  (group rate for 3 or more is $15 per person)

Yoga Asana: Yoga designed for the constitution.  Each session includes 30 minutes of instruction in doshic specific asana (yoga poses) and 15 minutes of Savasana (relaxation).  45 minutes.  Price:  $20  (group rate for 3 or more is $15 per person)

Cooking Classes: Group classes with a specially designed menu that is either tri-doshic (pacifying to all doshas), or either a specific doshic group.  Attendees will learn how to prepare the meal, plus how to eat according to the Ayurvedic Guidelines for Healthy Eating.  Class size is limited to 6 people, and last 2 hours.  Price: $45 per person (private lessons are available and are priced according to client needs and menu). 

Monthly Workshops: A different theme each month.  Participants learn more in-depth information about Ayurveda and how to manage disease conditions (topic related).  Most workshops run  90 minutes. See our workshops page for more information and pricing.

Lunch and Learn: Monthly workshops tailored to corporations that have well-ness plans for their employees.  The company usually pays the workshop fees for their employees, and provides space in their conference or lunch rooms, depending on availability and number of participants.  Employers must agree to allow workers to have a longer lunch period so they can take advantage of the workshop without sacrificing wages or feeling rushed.  90 minutes.  Price $25 per person (per workshop).  Discounts are given for pre-paid and larger corporate commitments.