Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Center

Consultations are designed to identify any imbalance a person may be experiencing and includes a complete health history evaluation, dietary analysis with recommendations, examination of lifestyle habits and behavioral recommendations and support.  Digestive, elimination, and sleep patterns are analyzed as well as reviewing mental and emotional behaviors.  Chronic conditions are identified and treatments plans are developed to help alleviate, heal, and restore a person to their full potential.  Through regular (usually weekly) office visits, we monitor our patient’s progress and identify any challenges that may have arisen.  We provide the necessary support so our patients can become successful in making healing changes for life.

An Initial Consultation last about 2 hours.  Through careful questioning and evaluation, your Ayurvedic prakruti (aka dosha, or one's true nature) is determined, along with what is known as your Vikruti (a person's doshic imbalance).  There is an old saying "you can't fix what you don't know," and this is true of our health.  When we identify what is our natural state of health, and then determine which needs are not being met, we can bring the two into careful balance.  Chronic health concerns are addressed.

A Report of Findings Consultation is scheduled and usually last 1 hour.  This is a complementary visit to discuss the findings from the initial consultation.  We will develop a treatment plan specific to your needs that incorporates things like dietary changes, ayurvedic treatments, detoxification, purification, rejuvenation and tonification.  Herbal support may be necessary.  These recommendations are broken down into steps that allow for easy incorporation into a person's daily life and help support lasting change.

Follow-up Visits are scheduled to begin incorporating steps, as mentioned above, to meet the individual goals of the client.  These routine follow-up appointments help to keep you on track and allow us to make adjustments as necessary to continue to work towards your goals, aid in disease prevention, and create balanced living.